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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Wayzata Senior Party?

The Wayzata Senior Party is an all-night celebration of the Senior Class. Festivities begin immediately after Commencement. We will bus them from Mariucci Arena to an undisclosed location for a night of food, friendship and fun. The top priority is to keep our Graduates safe while giving them a night that they’ll always remember!

There will be lots for the seniors to do during the event! We will have food as soon as they arrive and throughout the night and unlimited drinks, including coffee. We have also planned lots of entertainment, including a casino, money booth, airbrush tattoos and henna, and of course the hypnotist show! In addition, there is built-in entertainment at the venue.

We will also have prize drawings for items such as TVs, airpods, giftcards, and more! Everyone who signs up will be entered into the drawing, and we will have a separate prize pool for those who win at the casino games


Where is it held?

We keep the location a secret from the seniors, partly as a surprise, mostly as a safety measure. The parents will receive an email with the name of the venue when we are en route.


What time is the party?

As Commencement ends, the celebration begins. The Graduates board a bus, we bring them to a venue and have a fun night. At approximately 2:30 am, we reload the buses and head back to the high school. The Grads can either arrange to have their cars parked there or can be picked up.

Are there need-based scholarships available for the tickets?

Yes! We would love for every student to be able to attend the party! Need-based scholarships are available. Your student should visit their counseling office to apply


What is my child allowed to bring?

Themselves, their cellphones, and their car keys (if they are leaving their cars at the high school). We DO NOT allow any bags or purses. No exceptions! We will have a charging station if those cell phone batteries run low!

Feminine hygiene products will be provided in the bathrooms.


My child needs medication on-hand/ What should my child do if they get sick or get a headache?

If your child has medication, we will take it from them after Commencement when they check in for the buses, and we will transport it to the venue where we will have a medical professional on-site for the duration of the party. Please place the medication (in its original container) in a clear plastic bag, with their name clearly marked. Likewise, if your child gets a headache that professional will have a supply of pain relief and will administer it as deemed necessary. 


What should my child wear?

We recommend casual and comfy attire. Many parents bring a change of clothes to Commencement that their graduate can quickly change into after the ceremony, before they board the buses. Some activities at the venue may require socks. 


What kind of food will there be? My child has allergies/restrictions

There will be space on the registration form where you can list any dietary restrictions / allergies. It will be a long but exciting day and by the time the Graduates arrive at the party, they are usually pretty hungry so the first thing we do is feed them. We’ll also have food and various treats available throughout the night. Plenty of drinks (pop, water and coffee) will be available to stay hydrated!.

We wanted to take some family pictures after the ceremony. Will there be time?

Fair warning that there will be 860 other families thinking the same thing and it gets extremely crowded. We highly recommended getting those pictures before! That being said, we all want to have those few moments to celebrate after the ceremony. We use a load-and-go system with the buses so as the Grads are ready we load the first bus and when it’s full, that one leaves and we start the next one. The last bus does not leave until we are sure we have everyone! Typically, that first bus leaves approximately 20-30 minutes after Commencement finishes.

When is Registration?

Registration will open in the spring of 2024! More details will be posted as we get closer to the date!

If you do not wish to pay online, or you wish to fulfil the whole registration via paper form, your student can drop off an envelope with cash or a check in the High School's Main Office (2nd Floor directly opposite the front doors). Please indicate on the envelope that it is for the Senior Party Registration, as well as your and your student's name. 


Can I volunteer?

Absolutely! Please look out for volunteer sign-ups at our various events!


In past years I’ve seen yard signs celebrating seniors. Is this something you do?

We will be selling yard signs and other merchandise this year! Please check back for more information.

How do I learn more?

Check back here on the website often. Also, sign up to receive emails from the party committee either through this website or by emailing us at 

If you have any other questions, please email us!

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